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Australian Wildlife Conservancy Wildlife Matters Journal

It is our pleasure to share with you the latest edition of AWC's Wildlife Matters.

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I am writing to share with you the latest edition of Wildlife Matters. Your generous support is helping AWC deliver exceptional outcomes for Australia's wildlife in iconic locations such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Lake Eyre and the Top End. The Winter 2017 edition of Wildlife Matters highlights the importance of AWC's innovative new model for conservation and the success of key projects including: The establishment of the largest feral cat-free area on mainland Australia (at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, in central Australia)Our ground-breaking collaboration with NSW National Parks (Pilliga, Mallee Cliffs) and the Defence Department (at Yampi, in the Kimberley).AWC's scientific leadership, with reports on research covering feral cats and foxes, dingoes and endangered species su…