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The Wilderness Society WildNews

October 2016 Goodbye BP Dear Friend,
BP is gone from the Bight. It is still a little hard to believe that the oil giant finally saw the writing on the wall and left.
Of course, there is still much to do to ensure that the Great Australian Bight is protected for good from oil and gas drilling—but this is a huge first step.
Next cab off the rank is Chevron and the other companies that have exploration rights to drill offshore in the deep waters of the Bight.
Sign the petition to call on Prime Minister Turnbull to permanently protect the Bight.
On behalf of the staff and Board of The Wilderness Society, thank you to all our members and supporters who have supported the campaign to date. Let’s keep up the pressure to protect the Bight for good.

Lyndon Schneiders
National Director, The Wilderness Society

P.S. Read more about the successful campaign in this excellent article from The Australian.
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Sanctuaries should be just that: …

GetUp Freedom of Speech

The gag on medical workers has been lifted!

Have you heard the amazing news?!1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ... you get the picture – this is big.

Doctors4Refugees and Fitzroy Legal Service have announced a major win in their High Court case against the Border Force Act.

In a huge backdown, the Turnbull Government has dropped the gag rule that stopped doctors and health professionals speaking out against the child abuse, sexual abuse and medical negligence they witness on Nauru and Manus Island.

This is incredible news for medical staff – and it happened thanks to the donations of GetUp members like you, and with the support of the Grata Fund, a new legal fund initiated by GetUp to hold power to account in our courts.

It's a massive win. But it's also a cowardly legal manoeuvre. The government left the gag rule in place for all other potential whistleblowers, like teachers and social workers, just because they weren't part of the case.

By removing the Border Force Act gag rule from just…

GetUp Get Big Money out of politics.

Yesterday morning, I stood with dozens of GetUp members and fronted the media with a message: it's time to get Big Money out of politics.

We were speaking outside the Four Seasons luxury hotel in Sydney. Inside, behind closed doors, Prime Minister Turnbull and NSW Liberal Party elites were rubbing shoulders with corporate bigwigs and fossil fuel magnates.

It was a rare glimpse into the mechanics of our rigged political system, where political and business elites make decisions out of the public eye – where people like you and me are denied a voice.

For too long, corporate cash has flooded our political system, drowning out the voices of everyday people. That's why, as the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Matters conducts a far-reaching inquiry into the last election, we'll work to expose the corrupting influence of big dollar pay-offs on our politics.

But in order to make our voices heard over powerful vested interests, we need to join together – tens of thousands of…

SumOfUs Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Petition

The battle to stop the TPP will be won or lost in the Senate -- and we have a chance to tell Senators that Australians don’t want a corporate-backed trade deal.

Can you please make a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the TPP now? We only have a few days left.Add your voice Good news: we’ve heard that the majority of the Senate has endorsed an inquiry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). And we have a chance to turn up the pressure and tell them what we think.
Whether the TPP -- the trade deal that critics have called one of the biggest corporate power grabs of a generation -- lives or dies depends entirely on what happens in the Senate.
The government is a cheerleader for the TPP. But it does not have a majority in the Senate. If we can convince Labor Senators that the TPP is bad news, we could block its passage.
But to make that happen, Senators need to hear from you. We only have a few days left before submissions close, on 28th October.
Will you make a submission to the Se…

Australian Wildlife Conservancy news Night Parrots

AWC scientists uncover Night Parrot population on Diamantina National Park Breaking news AWC scientists uncover Night Parrot population
on Diamantina National Park
AWC and Queensland join forces
to secure largest known Night Parrot population AWC scientists, led by John Young, have discovered a Night Parrot population at Diamantina National Park (Diamantina). Night Parrots were confirmed at seven locations on Diamantina including: 3 nests (with birds observed in the vicinity of each nest) 1 sighting of a pair drinking 3 records of birds calling (heard by two observers). The discovery represents a major expansion of the known population and distribution for one of Australia's rarest birds. The Night Parrot was not seen alive for more than a century until rediscovered by John Young in 2013 on land north-east of Diamantina. Habitat analysis and modelling by AWC scientists indicates Diamantina hosts the largest known population of the Night Parrot. AWC and the Queensland Governm…

Tasmanian Land Conservancy project

Bush Heritage Gift Cards

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With this gift, you are supporting Bush Heritage’s work to protect the beautiful and vulnerable Greater Bilby through our partnership with the Martu people of the Birriliburu Indigenous Protected Are…