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Australian Wildlife Conservancy Banded Hare-wallaby

One of our most endangered kangaroo species, the Banded Hare-wallaby, has made a historic return to mainland Australia, more than 100 years after the last wild colony disappeared as a result of foxes and cats

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Historic return to mainland Australia for one of our rarest kangaroo species
One of our most endangered kangaroo species, the Banded Hare-wallaby, has made a historic return to mainland Australia, more than 100 years after the last wild colony disappeared as a result of foxes and cats.
60 Banded Hare-wallabies - 27 males and 33 females - have been successfully translocated to AWC's Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary, where they have been released into a 7,800 hectare feral predator-free area. The animals were airlifted from Bernier and Dorre Islands in Shark Bay as part of joint operation involving field staff from AWC and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. The Banded Hare-wallaby has disappeared fr…

Australian Wildlife Conservancy Wildlife Matters Journal

It is our pleasure to share with you the latest edition of AWC's Wildlife Matters.

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I am writing to share with you the latest edition of Wildlife Matters. Your generous support is helping AWC deliver exceptional outcomes for Australia's wildlife in iconic locations such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Lake Eyre and the Top End. The Winter 2017 edition of Wildlife Matters highlights the importance of AWC's innovative new model for conservation and the success of key projects including: The establishment of the largest feral cat-free area on mainland Australia (at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, in central Australia)Our ground-breaking collaboration with NSW National Parks (Pilliga, Mallee Cliffs) and the Defence Department (at Yampi, in the Kimberley).AWC's scientific leadership, with reports on research covering feral cats and foxes, dingoes and endangered species su…


Being silenced by a corporate bully would be devastating.
And the scary thing is, this could really happen. After years of Greenpeace successfuly campaigning to protect the Great Northern Forest, one logging company, Resolute Forest Products, is trying to silence Greenpeace and our ally by suing us for hundreds of millions of dollars.
If they win, Greenpeace’s ability to advocate for forest protection anywhere in the world will take a huge blow.
Help us shine a light on Resolute’s unjust attacks.
Sign our message to the publishing industry, representing some of Resolute’s biggest paper customers, asking them to stand up for free speech!
We need 500,000 signatures by May 31 when we’ll take your message to Book Expo America - one of the largest publishing industry gatherings in the world. Your voice will help us convince publishers to stand up for free speech and the forests.
Will you help us reach our goal of 500,000 signat…

World Wildlife Fund WWF News

East coast koalas are doing it tough but people everywhere are rallying to save them. Find out more here.


Last Friday we launched a campaign to fight for the future of the adorable koala. Since then, thousands have joined the cause. Will you help?

These iconic Australian animals are being driven from their homes – and to extinction – by reckless and excessive tree-clearing.

In Queensland and New South Wales, laws have been overturned that protect the few remaining safe koala habitats. The bush that koalas call home is being bulldozed so excessively that in several areas this iconic species is already locally extinct.

Queensland’s Koala Coast has already lost 80% of its koala population. And it’s going to get even worse if we don’t act.

We have a window right now to push for change for a better future for koalas in Queensland. That’s why today, Endangered…

Australian Conservation Foundation ACF

It’s so tragically predictable.

Tonight, it was revealed that Adani breached their licence, spilling highly polluting coal slurry next to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.
Adani got a special licence from the Queensland Government to release discharge into the Caley Valley Wetlands and the ocean from their Abbot Point coal terminal.
Even with this special licence to pollute, Adani exceeded their permitted limit to the ocean by more than 800 per cent. The ABC is reporting that Adani faces a possible multi-million-dollar fine.
It’s outrageous they got this license and even worse that they massively breached it. It’s outrageous that they turned the wetland black. Weeks later, locals and scientists are still picking up coal.
Adani cannot safely operate a coal port on a cyclone-prone coast. There’s no way we can let them dig Australia’s biggest megamine – which threatens to drain and pollute groundwater, wreck our climate a…

EDO Tasmania

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