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The Adani Files - a short history of corruption, destruction and criminal activity

Dangerous. Corrupt. Criminal.

Sound like the kind of company you'd want in charge of one of the most destructive projects in Australian history?

Well that's exactly what Adani is.

Today GetUp is releasing an explosive new report — The Adani Files — that exposes Adani's sordid history of corruption, destruction and criminal activity.

The Adani Files show a rogue billionaire company with no regard for people, the environment, or the law. This shonky company has engaged in corruption, bribery, underpayment and abuse of workers, sunk coal ships and dodged tax by hiding assets in secretive tax hideaways.

The Adani Files are already making a big splash across the front pages.

Now we need to make sure it's seen by everyone. There are still MPs who support Adani. They need to know the kind of dangerous, deceitful company they're getting into bed with.

Read The Adani Files

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Friends of the Earth

What a crazy start to the year… as much of Australia sweltered under record breaking heatwaves, Liberal politicians in Canberra were passing around a big lump of coal and singing the praises of fossil fuels. In the USA Donald Trump is planning to withdraw his country from the UN Climate agreement and locally the federal government has ramped up its attacks on renewable energy, and is doing everything in its power to promote new coal mines.
It’s going to be a tough year – both in terms of our campaigns but also in keeping our spirits high. As always, the antidote to despair is action…

In a good development, the legislation which will permanently ban fracking in the state of Victoria passed through the state’s Lower House last week – without dissent. It will now go to the Upper House. We have secured support from all parties for this historic legislation. What a great day it will be when Victoria becomes the first Australian state to pe…