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I remember the buzz of excitement in the room when French negotiator Laurent Fabius took to the stage and announced the Paris Agreement was universally supported by 197 countries.
A year later it will come into force with 85 countries – including the US, China and New Zealand – ratifying the agreement.

So what about Australia?

Well... we haven’t ratified the Agreement. While the world has been surging ahead, we’re snoozing and losing.

Come with us down memory lane using our new Climate Action Time Warp Tool – which compares Australia's progress to the rest of the world:



As one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world, we can be at the forefront of the renewables revolution. But while local leaders in communities, cities and states all over Australia are stepping up to the challenge – on a national front we’re lagging behind, while the rest of the world surges ahead.
World leaders will meet in Morocco next week for the first time since Paris. It’s a critical opportunity for Australia to strengthen our climate commitments on the world stage. Can you share our time warp tool to keep the pressure on?

Kind regards,
Amanda McKenzie
Climate Council CEO
P.S. For more detail on global climate action over the past 12 months, check out our new report: Towards Morocco: Tracking Global Climate Progress since Paris

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