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It’s so tragically predictable.

Tonight, it was revealed that Adani breached their licence, spilling highly polluting coal slurry next to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

Adani got a special licence from the Queensland Government to release discharge into the Caley Valley Wetlands and the ocean from their Abbot Point coal terminal.
Even with this special licence to pollute, Adani exceeded their permitted limit to the ocean by more than 800 per cent. The ABC is reporting that Adani faces a possible multi-million-dollar fine.
It’s outrageous they got this license and even worse that they massively breached it. It’s outrageous that they turned the wetland black. Weeks later, locals and scientists are still picking up coal.
Adani cannot safely operate a coal port on a cyclone-prone coast. There’s no way we can let them dig Australia’s biggest megamine – which threatens to drain and pollute groundwater, wreck our climate and destroy our Great Barrier Reef.
That’s why the ACF community is coming together like never before.
We're holding Adani and our governments to account for this coal spill. There must be an independent investigation. Consequences. And Adani’s proposed megamine must not go ahead.
Will you contribute $25 today to hold Adani and our governments to account for this coal spill and stop Adani from digging their polluting mine?
Coal spill before and after




With your donation today, we will:
  • Seek the maximum penalty possible against Adani over the major coal spill at the Abbot Point coal port
  • Keep exposing the damage Adani's coal will cause our reef, people and planet until they have no choice but to walk away
  • Stop the money by making sure our elected representatives understand the serious environmental, financial and legal risks of giving public money to fund Adani's mine
  • Build the movement and support hundreds of leaders across Australia to run local campaigns and distributed #StopAdani events this month
When the coal spill first happened, our community exposed it. First, the mine’s cheer squad pretended nothing was wrong. Then they tried to smear our reputation. Then they tried to downplay the damage.
Now’s the time for every person who wants to stop this mine to make one thing perfectly clear: we’re here, we’re serious and we’re going to be heard.
Our community’s power comes from our size, our passion and the generosity of people like you, right across our wide brown land, giving what they can afford.
Will you donate $25 today so we can hold Adani to account for this outrageous coal spill and make sure its polluting coal mine never goes ahead?
We are in this together. We will only succeed together.
Thank you,
Kelly O’Shanassy
Australian Conservation Foundation

 We are Australia's national environment organisation. We speak out, show up and act for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. We are proudly independent and funded by donations from our community.
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