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The Adani Files - a short history of corruption, destruction and criminal activity
The Adani Files

Dangerous. Corrupt. Criminal.

Sound like the kind of company you'd want in charge of one of the most destructive projects in Australian history?

Well that's exactly what Adani is.

Today GetUp is releasing an explosive new report — The Adani Files — that exposes Adani's sordid history of corruption, destruction and criminal activity.

The Adani Files show a rogue billionaire company with no regard for people, the environment, or the law. This shonky company has engaged in corruption, bribery, underpayment and abuse of workers, sunk coal ships and dodged tax by hiding assets in secretive tax hideaways.

The Adani Files are already making a big splash across the front pages.

The coal war: Inside the fight against Adani's plans to build Australia's biggest coal mine

Now we need to make sure it's seen by everyone. There are still MPs who support Adani. They need to know the kind of dangerous, deceitful company they're getting into bed with.

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The report is based on evidence and research by lawyers from Environmental Justice Australia and EarthJustice. They've trawled through hundreds of court transcripts and legal documents and found Adani's track record is even worse than we feared.

The full list of Adani's proven and alleged offences is long, but here's a taste:
  • In 2011, an unseaworthy coal ship sank off the coast of Mumbai, spilling over 60,000 metric tonnes of Adani's coal in the ocean. It was an environmental disaster, and Adani refused to clean it up for five years.
  • Adani use dodgy tax hideaways in the Cayman Islands to stash assets and revenue. 13 of the 26 Adani subsidiaries registered in Australia are ultimately owned in the Cayman Islands. Adani's corporate structure is so deliberately convoluted and opaque that Turnbull ministers can't even say which Adani entity they would be handing over $1 billion to.
  • Adani's Australian CEO oversaw a major pollution disaster that poisoned a river in Zambia which people relied on to survive, then hid it from the Australian government.
7167 GetUp members have chipped in to the anti-Adani war chest since the Turnbull Government suggested handing Adani a billion dollar publicly-subsidised loan. Thanks to you the truth about Adani is starting to be brought to light.

But we need to make sure our politicians hear the truth too, so there can be no more excuses for supporting this rotten, dangerous company.

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Adani's documented history of environmental destruction, human rights abuses, corruption and illegal dealings should raise alarm bells for anyone thinking of doing business with them.

It's the reason 11 major banks have already refused to finance the Carmichael mine.

The Adani Files show beyond a doubt that this is not a company we can trust with our Reef, our precious groundwater and with our public money that could fund schools and hospitals.

But the out-of-touch, coal-obsessed Turnbull Government is preparing to make the Australian public the sole investor in Adani's dirty coal mine giving these shonky tax-dodgers a $1 billion publicly-funded handout.

We need to send politicians across all parties a strong message: allowing Adani to operate in one of the most vulnerable environmentally-sensitive places on Earth defies all sense.

Handing them a $1 billion publicly-subsidised loan would be an act of fiscal insanity unprecedented in Australia's history.

Click here to check out The Adani Files then please share it to help expose the truth about Adani:

In hope,
Sam R and Adam, for the GetUp team

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