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October 2016

Goodbye BP

Dear Friend,
BP is gone from the Bight. It is still a little hard to believe that the oil giant finally saw the writing on the wall and left.
Of course, there is still much to do to ensure that the Great Australian Bight is protected for good from oil and gas drilling—but this is a huge first step.
Next cab off the rank is Chevron and the other companies that have exploration rights to drill offshore in the deep waters of the Bight.
Sign the petition to call on Prime Minister Turnbull to permanently protect the Bight.
On behalf of the staff and Board of The Wilderness Society, thank you to all our members and supporters who have supported the campaign to date. Let’s keep up the pressure to protect the Bight for good.

Lyndon Schneiders
National Director, The Wilderness Society

P.S. Read more about the successful campaign in this excellent article from The Australian.

In the news

Sanctuaries should be just that: sanctuaries for marine life

After winning against BP, we're pushing for protection for the Great Australian Bight from Big Oil. For good. But it's not the only marine area in Australia that needs protecting. Places like the Kimberley coast also need protection from dangerous mining and overfishing. There are plans to wind back our vital system of sanctuaries that provide a safe haven for our marine life into the future. Please complete a quick submission to help create marine parks that properly protect our wild marine places.

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10 facts about land clearing in Australia

These 10 facts about land clearing in Australia reiterate how badly we need stronger laws to protect our precious wildlife and nature.

Victorian Government has hit half time

The Government has had a solid first half, but we're now entering the Premiership Quarter—this is Premier Andrews' chance to really make Victoria a leader and leave a strong legacy on the environment and climate change. We're hosting half time huddles in Victoria, please RSVP if you're able to come and hear what the next two years has in store.

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We might have won the battle with BP, but the threat of Big Oil still looms large over the Great Australian Bight.
Four other companies also have licences for exploratory deep-sea drilling for oil in the Bight. Our campaign wasn’t to kick BP out of the Bight, it was to protect one of the most pristine marine environments on the planet from oil and gas drilling. Until Chevron, Santos, Murphy and Karoom have all been given their marching orders, our job is not done!
We need your support to continue to put pressure on the Turnbull Government to keep the Bight free of Big Oil and protect the thousands of species of marine life that live there, 85% of which live nowhere else on earth.
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Photo of the month

IMAGE: Pine Knob, Eldon Range, from Davern’s Cavern, Frenchman’s Cap National Park | Neville Ludbey
For a chance to see your own wilderness photo in the next issue of Wild News, email it to by Friday, 25 November with your name and short description. Good luck! Read the terms and conditions.

Watch this

Helena Aurora Range needs your help! For forty years, expert studies have recommended protection of the Range. Right now, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is calling for comment on a proposal for two iron ore mines on the Range. If this proposal is approved, the Range will be devastated forever... and more mines are inevitable.
Watch the video and then make a submission to let the EPA know that this treasured range needs protection as a wonderful new National Park.

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Have you heard?

Deepwater Horizon casts long shadow over BP drilling in Bight

Petroleum giant BP has ­become the latest victim seduced by the siren song of potential ­riches in the Bight whose hopes have been violently swept away. Last week BP withdrew from its billion-dollar Great Australian Bight exploration program.

The world’s vanishing wild places are vital for saving species

In science, it’s rare that a new idea comes along that stops people in their tracks. For ecologists, this has just happened, in a paper that found that species living in wild places have more genetic diversity than the same species living in areas dominated by people.

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