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SumOfUs Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Petition

The battle to stop the TPP will be won or lost in the Senate -- and we have a chance to tell Senators that Australians don’t want a corporate-backed trade deal.

Can you please make a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the TPP now? We only have a few days left.
Good news: we’ve heard that the majority of the Senate has endorsed an inquiry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). And we have a chance to turn up the pressure and tell them what we think.
Whether the TPP -- the trade deal that critics have called one of the biggest corporate power grabs of a generation -- lives or dies depends entirely on what happens in the Senate.
The government is a cheerleader for the TPP. But it does not have a majority in the Senate. If we can convince Labor Senators that the TPP is bad news, we could block its passage.
But to make that happen, Senators need to hear from you. We only have a few days left before submissions close, on 28th October.
Will you make a submission to the Senate Inquiry now? It’s easy to do and very effective. Click here so we can help you get started.
The TPP is a trade deal between Pacific Rim countries and the United States that shifts the power balance in favour of corporations, putting profits far above people.
If passed, the TPP could push up the price of crucial, potentially life-saving medicines. The deal allows Big Pharma to protect its patents for longer so it can make more money -- making access to generic medicines so much harder.
Experts tell us that the TPP’s environmental and workers’ rights protections are weak, and it waters down our Internet freedoms.
The TPP also allows companies to sue our democratically elected governments for laws that harm their profits. It’s conducted through a system called Investor State Dispute Settlement -- where these cases are heard in secret, global super courts where normal rules of due process don’t necessarily apply.
The TPP will hurt us. Let's made sure our leaders hear that -- make a submission to the Senate Inquiry now.
The deal’s been agreed and signed, but in order for it to take full effect, signatories need to pass laws that implement the TPP in their home countries.
You don’t have to be an expert to make a submission -- the TPP will affect us all so it’s important that we speak up now.
We can stop this. All around the world, SumOfUs has been fighting trade deals -- and winning. The support of a European-wide movement has helped a handful of courageous politicians stand firm against a similar, corporate-backed trade deal called CETA. Two years ago, no one thought this trade deal could be stopped. But now because of people power, it's been severely derailed.
In Australia, the SumOfUs community has consistently stood up to the TPP and working with our partners, we’ve managed to delay its passage so far. We’ve signed petitions, delivered them to our leaders, and chipped in to place ads in national papers. As a result, Labor has no clear position on the TPP and in the last six months the party has started to raise questions about what’s contained in the deal.
Let's take to it the next level and stop the TPP for good.
Join us for this moment: tell the Senate Inquiry that Australians don’t want the TPP.
Thanks for all that you do,
Paul, Kat, Hannah and the team at SumOfUs

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